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Sarah Jessica Parker — I’m shocked

This one was a big shocker once I saw photos of her from the Oscars. Sarah Jessica Parker has got some big huge breasts bubbling out of her tight dress! I know they aren’t hers, she’s never had much more than a small B cup naturally and check out the photo below of her chest two years ago. There was nothing there to push up.

As for her new chest, I wish she’d gone smaller so that the implants did not look so noticeable.

In some small corner of the world, Kim Catrall is laughing hysterically.

Sarah Jessica Tightens Up Her Brow

Sarah Jessica Parker‘s brow looks so unfurrowed lately, especially in her Garnier Nutrisse Anti-Aging commercial (obviously it is product that must work wonders!).
It is quite a contrast to her more wrinkled visage during her Sex and the City days. She’s a smoker and smoking causes wrinkles.

Anyway, I think her new look appears somewhat strange. Hopefully, everything will settle in soon.

sarah jessica parker

sarah jessica parker

sarah jessica parker

It’s Chris and Sarah by a nose!

Sex and the City
castmates, Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth, both have something in common. Both have had rhinoplasty. Sarah has had her bridge worked on and her profile is different.

sarah jessica parker nose comparison

Chris also has a smaller bridge (notice how his nostrils are now a different shape as a result); he should have left his nose alone, the old look was much more handsome. Small noses are for women or trannies. He should have had the eye bags done.

Chris Noth nose job comparison

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker, like Sophia Loren, is the queen of good plastic surgery. She has has had a series of subtle refinements to her nose over the years. In the first one, her tip is not as refined. In the second, it is more defined, and in the third, it is alot more perfect. See the photos below.

Early 90’s

Here’s another example of her subtle refinement from another angle, the first photo is from the early 80’s and the second is from a recent appearance in NYC. Notice that the wideness of her nose is gone in the second photo.

sarah jessica parker before nose job after nose job sarah jessica parker