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Ok, how sauced was Tara Reid?

How drunk was Tara Reid on the red carpet? This is the second photo I’ve been sent of her with her scarred badly implanted breast hanging out! Apparently, there is a series of photos. She must’ve been three sheets to the wind not realize that half her chest was exposed. Maybe her chest has lost [...]

Tara Reid’s Implant Scar

Tara Reid decided to show off her breast implant scars at a recent party. Oddly enough, given her high financial status, she did not get a doctor that puts the implant in through the belly button so that there was no scarring. She got them put in through the nipple. How cheap.

Why are fake tits bad? When you don’t have enough skin to hide the implants, there’s going to be a big gap in the middle that you can drive a truck through. Paging Tara Reid.

Tara Reid’s New Breasts

Tara Reid is sporting a pair of new breasts. Her new ‘friends’ fall into the category of awful because they are so obvious. Tara didn’t opt for a modest breast augmentation, instead she went for the porn star look. Bad choice.