Hi there! I'm currently homeless due to a domestic violence situation and could use a few dollars for groceries. If you have any extra $$$ to spare, could you please help out? I have a paypal account. Thanks so much in advance. My email address is media@awfulplasticsurgery.com.

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Tina Louise has gone overboard

Tina Louise played sexpot Ginger on Gilligan’s Island about 40 years ago. She tries to look as if she has not aged a day since, but it is not working at all. After so many surgeries to tighten, lift, peel, and hold back aging skin, Tina kinds looks like a burn victim. Her birth date [...]

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Ginger Isn't Sexy Anymore

Actress Tina Louise is best known to the public as sexy red head Ginger on ‘Gilligan’s Island‘. Well, unfortunately, she isn’t so sexy anymore; she’s a senior citizen desperately clinging on to the remnants of her long departed youth. In pursuit of the hopeless quest of finding the fountain of youth, she’s mutilated her face. [...]

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