Wow, Nikki Cox

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Nikki Cox never lacked in the looks department prior to joining the tv show, Las Vegas. At that point, something went awry. It was as if she decided to to fiddle with literally every body part. Her chest shrank and she lost a large amount of weight to obtain the Hollywood female skeleton look.

More recently, her lips were distracting to look at. They simply looked strange. At the time of this writing she seems to have laid off the trout pout look. But she still looks odd.

Here she is at the height of the overly inflated lip look.

Separated at birth?

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Separated at birth? Lol, I think not, but Bree’s puffed up kisser, highly arched up brows, and pulled back hairline give her a remarkable resemblance to the transgendered Alexis Arquette. It looks like Bree’s doctor yanked her hairline back too far. Or is she wearing a wig? Who knows?

Amanda Lepore and Jocelyn Wildenstein Together!!

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jocelyn wildenstein super scary

Slant Magazine somehow found a photo of the two biggest plastic surgery addicts ever, Amanda Lepore and Jocelyn Wildenstein, posing together!! Click here to see the photo, it is simply priceless.

Tara Reid Gets Fixed

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Tara Reid has been hitting the media world hard about how she’s gotten her botched breast augmentation and lumpy lipo fixed, but where are the after photos? I heard that her surgery was in August, so its time for some post surgery photos.

I do feel sorry for Tara Reid, but the only reason people kept noticing her awful plastics surgery is that she kept parading it around at every available opportunity. I do feel that the upgrade to porn star sized breasts was an attempt to revive her career; unfortunately, it backfired and she was not smart enough to realize it in a timely manner to minimize the PR damage. She’s better known for her botched surgeries than her acting.

Sharon Stone Riddle

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Here’s a fun riddle!

I see London, I see France, I see someone’s __________________

You fill in the blank.

By the way, Miss Stone (as you prefer to be addressed), you’re too old to be going out without a good slathering of cosmetics!

Photo from CelebSlam! – Sharon Stone Scares Me (she scares us too!)

Sharon Stone: You Do The Math

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I was surfing the internet and found these photos of Sharon Stone topless on a beach. I’d link to the page where the photos were found, but I don’t feel it appropriate and anyway, you can see the url of the site on the pictures.

With regard to the photos, I’ll simply say,’You do the math!’ To me, Sharon Stone seems crazy and sue-happy, so I won’t give my opinion of her, uh, ‘breasts’.

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