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Victoria Principal is a caricature of her 30 year old self


Victoria Principal is essentially a caricature of what she looked like at the age of the 30 when Dallas premiered. Her skin is still smooth, but looks like wax (Would you buy those beauty products she sells on QVC? I wouldn’t.)

Compared to the past, her nose is not as wide (I do not believe the first photo to be her original nose and would love to see a photo of her even younger.). The bridge also looks raised. Her eyes appear weirdly pulled back and she has no wrinkles around them (weird, because she is over 60). Her teeth are larger (most likely veneers).

Wax figure or Victoria Principal?


This waxy figure is supposedly actress Victoria Principal. I do not believe she could stop smiling if she wanted to, because face looks frozen in that position. If this is really Victoria Principal, she looks like she’s had too many facelifts, rhinoplasty, botox, browlifts, and who knows what else. She gone into the league of scary celebrities along with Joan Rivers.

Also, Victoria is almost 60 years old. She has seems to have gone to an extreme to avoid wrinkles.

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