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Real Housewife Lauri Waring – A 'Before' picture discovered!

Lauri Waring is a former cast member of the reality tv show, ‘Real Housewives of Orange County‘. That is seemingly the only real thing about her. The rest seems to be made of botox, silicone, juvederm, and whatever else the plastic surgeon ordered. Lauri only admits to ‘havng some botox’. Sure, I believe that, Lauri. [...]

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Tara Reid is not perfect

Tara Reid insists on prancing around in a bikini even though her naughty bits look aged beyond her years. Today, Tara took an opportunity to speak with People magazine online about the blitzing she has taken from celebrity blogs over her plastic surgery fiasco and also took the opportunity to plug her clothing line which [...]

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Brooke Hogan's breast implants settle

Brooke Hogan’s breast implants have finally settled. When she first got them last year, they looked like pecs. By February this year, her breasts finally had some ‘hang’ to them, and now they have a very realistic looking sag to them. Kudos to her plastic surgeon.

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Carol Alt's Wonky Eye

Is it just me or does Carol Alt’s right eye look slightly ‘off’? Sometimes when people get their eyes lifted, it can leave the one eye that was already smaller, even more smaller (humans’ eyes are each slightly different in size). Also her nose seems to have changed over the years; it appears sharper and [...]

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The Wacky Eyes of Kiersten Warren

I vaguely remember actress Kiersten Warren from the tv show, ‘Saved By The Bell’ where she played an AC Slater love interest. She was pretty ingenue then with great eyes. Now, her eyes look wacky, like Jocleyn Wildenstein’s (she’s the cat lady). Her eyes are pulled upwards super tight and appear ‘cat like’.

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Shannon Doherty looks scarier

Shannon Doherty, like Beverly Hills 90210 co-star Jennie Garth, also looks ‘different’. A few years ago, Star magazine had a front cover with her on it, accusing her of having plastic surgery. Shannon threatened to sue them because it was untrue, however, photos do not lie. Her face appears even more waxen now. Shannon’s eyes [...]

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The Perils of Being Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul may also suffer from Pectus excavatum (a condition where the ribs and sternum grow abnormally making the chest look dented). However, the dent in her chest appears smaller than the dent in Tori Spelling’s chest. Also, in her case, larger breasts (breast implant perhaps?) seem to cover the dent to a larger extent. [...]

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Jennifer Aniston – What did she do to herself?

What has Jennifer Anniston done to herself? Her face looks so tight in the photo on the right, she cannot even smile widely (usually that is a sign of botox). Also, her eyes have the tight look, like she is moving through a wind tunnel. Over, things are not looking good for Jennifer Anniston.

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Jason Lewis looks like a Chuckie Doll

I happened upon this recent photo of actor Jason Lewis (Samantha’s much younger boyfriend on Sex and the City). He is starting to look like a Chuckie doll (remember that scary movie?). His eye tilt upward very oddly, his cheeks look suspiciously plump (smuggling chesnuts, Jason?). and his skin looks stretched to the bursting point. [...]

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The Metamorphasis of Cindy Margolis

Cindy Margolis first became a celebrity when her bikini photos were featured on the then new America Online in the mid 90s. Since then, she has wandered through an aborted talk show, a myriad of appearances on tv where she played herself, and really, not much else. Her claim to fame is her physical appearance [...]

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