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The Nikki Cox Story


In an effort to heighten her profile in Hollywood, Nikki Cox lost weight. How much? Maybe 20 pounds or more, because she looks skinny (it even got her a job on a primetime TV show). Above, is the you can see the transformation.

Boobs are made of fat and when Nikki’s fat left, so did her nice naturally large breasts. What is left are a pair of round thingies, that do not look quite real.


Well, the transition continues, because a reader sent me a screencap of Nikki with suspiciously puffy lips. Her lips have always been bee stung, but now her pretty pucker looks like it is afflicted with trout pout. You be the judge.


Why does Halle Berry have a scar in her armpit?


Why does Halle Berry have a scar in her armpit? Could it be from the removal of a clogged sweat gland?

I do know that some breast augmentations are performed via an incision in the armpit. The procedure is called minimal incision breast augmentation, because no incisions are made into the breast itself. A small pocket is created in the pectoral muscle and the implant is put in place. Placing the implant below the pectoral muscles creates a more natural look and avoids the appearance breasts that have been bolted into place.

Meet the Mom From Home Alone


Remember the mildly attractive actress who played the mom in the movie ‘Home Alone’? That is her above. Time marches on and no one appears the same forever, but her current look shows an amazing effort to halt any sort of aging process. I can only guess at what she may have had done. I do notice bat brow, which usually indicates some sort of plastic surgery involving the brow. She just looks strange with the long blonde hair; it is a hair style that would look better on a younger woman. Weird facial features and an overly young hair style definitely earns her a spot in the ‘What happened to their face? files.

Emilio Estevez – Totally Not Hot Anymore


Ok, what happened here? About a decade ago, Emilio Estevez decided to focus on directing and stay behind the camera. Hence, should he be worried about how he looks? No, he can age and not go through the usual Hollywood anti-aging routine (you know, the one where you attempt to cut, peel, inject, and carve your way back to how you looked at 25 years old). It does not look like he took that route. There are some nice hollows above his eyes that were not there before (and no I don’t attribute that to age, because it causes sagging eyes). Then there are his cheeks, which look astonishingly full for a man his age (he was born in 1962, you do the math). Restylane, anyone? It is an injectable used to restore cheek volume lost to aging.

And just for fun, read some lovely correspondence the Estevez/Sheen brotherly duo sent to after the site panned Emilio’s film, ‘Bobby’, click here.

Do you think Emilio Estevez is still hot?
Do you think Emilio Estevez is still hot?


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The Trials and Tribulations of Renee Zellweger


Renee Zellweger has a slim and trim body. Then, why does her face look somewhat chubby compared to how it look a few years ago. Her situation is similar to that of Eva Longoria’s. They are both skinny people with seemingly somewhat chubby faces. Are plastic surgeons injecting fat into celebrities faces to give them a more youthful look? Extremely thin people often look gaunt in the face and it would not be far fetched to believe that injecting fat into the face would fix this.

Lara Flynn Boyle – What happened?

I’ve been barraged with emails about actress Lara Flynn Boyle after she recently appeared on TV (Law and Order). The main complaint was there there was ‘something wrong with her cheeks’ and ‘she did something to her lower face’. So I decided to investigate.

Okay, it does look like something is different with her cheeks, as if she got cheek implants to make her face look full and youthful. But as the saying goes, you can’t pull, peel, or carve your way back to the age of 20.

Lara was an attractive girl to start with, so why all the ‘facial changes’? Maybe she was trying too hard for the film stardom that continually alluded her. Her nose and lips look different than the set she started out with.

But was the new nose, lips, extremely low weight, dating Jack Nicholson (old enough to be her dad and then some) etc worth it for what she’s gotten out of Hollywood? She still is not a movie star and is best known for being that really skinny woman from a tv show.

Rose McGowan – What really happened to her face?


Rose McGowan has claimed that a car accident left her with a scar under her eye, resulting in her having a different facial appearance. Do I buy that story? No. Under eye scars are noticeable, but unlike most people, she has the money to have the scar treated so that it fades to something almost unnoticeable. To me it looks like she has scar tissue under her eye. Scar tissue under the eye is a possible complication of blepharoplasty surgery.