Ali's enablers attribute her new look to growing up

“I don’t really believe in plastic surgery for young girls. Some do, but I don’t.” – Dina Lohan Dina Lohan appeared on Wendy Williams to explain her daughter Ali’s altered appearance. Her answer is above and no one actually believes her. Lindsay even offered this statement when asked in her younger sister had plastic surgery. [...]

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Ali Lohan – the plastic surgery breakdown by a pro

US Magazine recently published new photos of Ali Lohan’s new face along with comments from NYC plastic surgeon Dr. Jon Turk. Dr Turk, in addition to agreeing with’s suggestion that Lohan had rhinoplasty, cheek implants, and lip augmentation, also added:

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Ali Lohan's Scary Facial Makeover

If you’ve seen Ali Lohan recently, you’re probably wondering the same thing as me. Did she and Lindsay use the same discount coupon to pay for their recent plastic surgery? Survey says,’Yes’, because they both look freakish. After comparing the before and after photos, it seems that Ali has had another rhinoplasty, cheek implants, and [...]

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What's new at

What’s new at Hang on for a wild ride! Watch Angelina Jolie morph Audrina stuffs her porno breast impants into a nice dress Michael’s nose is missing Congrats on the new breasts, Anna Faris Rich wife spent money to look like Lil Kim – no lie! Heidi Fleiss – [...]

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Separated at birth – Margot Kidder and Ali Lohan

Separated at birth – Margot Kidder and Ali Lohan. Even though decades apart in age, I’ll bet they go to the same celebrity dentist! Veneers can look bad on anyone at any age.

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Guess the chiclet teeth!

Guess the chiclet teeth! Thanks!

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How to make your teenager look 25 overnight

Want to know how to magically make your teen daughter appear 10 years older in just 24 hours?

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Lindsay's little sister has breast implants?

Many people consider Lindsay Lohan’s loved ones to be Hollywood’s trashiest family; there is no lack of ‘drama’ in that trailer park group. Now, it appears that the baby of the Lohan family has acquired a tiny set of bolt on boobs (I imagine she did not want the porn star sized set that Lindsay [...]

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Poor Little Ali Has Trout Pout (link) broke the story about Ali Lohan (yes, Lindsay’s sister) having trout pout. I agree that her lips look larger and think it is totally disgusting that a child is allowed to have collagen injections. She is being groomed to be a child prostitute and that is plain wrong. Someone needs to remove the [...]

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