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Is Eliot Spitzer’s escort Ashley Youman worth $1000 an hour?


Ashley Youman attempted to make herself even more attractive (what she started out with was not shabby) by getting rhinoplasty and breast implants. But, is she hot enough to be paid $1000 an hour for her time? Apparently, Eliot Spitzer, the former governor of New York thought so! You decide!!

Is Ashley Youman worth $1000 an hour?
Is Ashley Alexandre Dupre aka Ashley Youman worth $1000 an hour?


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Escort Ashley Youman’s original nose

youmans high.jpg
courtesy of Rankun

Found! A photo of the original nose of Ashley Youman (not Youmans as before stated). She is the escort in Eliot Spitzer (governor of New York) scandal. Unfortunately, it is not a profile shot and rather small. Does anyone have a larger photo? Please email it me. I believe that she had a nose job (not a good one) somewhere between high school and, well, being caught in an escort sting.

Do you think Ashley Youman’s breasts are real?


Eliot Spitzer’s $1000 an hour escort, Ashley Youmans has some very large breasts, but I’m not sure that they are real. When in a bikini, huge breasts like hers are smooshed together in the middle and hers seem stuck to her chest. She’s even leaning forward and her large breasts are not moving to the center of her chest as gravity would dictate.

Do you think her breasts are real or augmented? I vote fake.

Are Ashley’s breasts real?
Do you think Ashley Youmans’ breasts are real?


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