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The Most Searched For Celebrities On AwfulPlasticSurgery.com

Who are the most search for celebrities on AwfulPlasticSurgery.com? Read on!

1. Heidi Montag – she has so many plastic parts, we’ll just call her RoboWoman

2. Audrina Patridge – perfect example of what kind of breast implants not to get

3. Amanda Bynes – poor plastic surgery choices paved her way out of the industry

4. Sarah Ferguson – her recent scandal put the spotlight on her bad choices in facial plastic surgery

5. Jocelyn Wildenstein – before we put her on the map, she was ‘The Cat Lady’, now people know her name

6. Kim Kardashian – a fame whore who lies about the amount of plastic surgery she has had

7. Meg Ryan – the patron saint of celebrity plastic surgery makeover disasters

8.Lara Flynn Boyle – reruns of her Donald Duck tv appearance on Law and Order last year still spur people to google ‘Lara Flynn Boyle Plastic Surgery’

9. Nikki Cox – easily the saddest celebrity plastic surgery makeover ever! Excessive lip augmentation and a breast reduction gone wild

10. Kelly Bensimon – photos of her weirdly shaped manly body has people wondering why Playboy invited her to pose; the answer is that they invite everyone to pose these days, Playboy is desperate to stay relevant.