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But where are Kelly Bensimon’s Playboy photos?


The December issue of Playboy that was supposed to have featured Kelly Bensimon is currently out and there is no sign of Kelly in the magazine. Could the rumor that Kelly was getting new breast implants be true? Hmmm.. She could definitely use a new pair.

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Just to refresh your memory, Kelly’s breasts really looked like pecs. They had the usual tell tale breast implants huge gap in between them…


Kelly Bensimon neglecting to dress her age, you can see her undies here!
Kelly Bensimon neglecting to dress her age, you can see her undies here!
Kelly in October 2009 covering up her pec/implants
Kelly in October 2009 covering up her pec/implants

Gulianna’s Fakes!

Guliana DePandi from the E! Network has been hiding some secrets – two, in fact. Her breasts are fake. Had she not worn a low cut dress and shown off some cleavage, I wouldn’t have guessed. Here, it is easy to see the breast implants stuck to her chest. Her original size must have been very small, because her implants do not look like real breasts when seen uncovered. If people can tell that your breasts are fakes, then you’ve got a bad boob job.

gulianna fake boobs

Update on skeletor with the fake boobs

Remember the photo of skeletor with the fake boobs? I received an email from a reader who claims to know the person in the photo and she offered a plausible explanation for the woman’s appearance.

Hey there

I just looked through the January 08 pics and found a lady I know there.

You have titeled it Skeletor with fake boobs I think.

The woman on that picture has been morbidly obese, then had a Gastric Bypass performed.
After the weightloss she had to have several reconstructive surgeries, including a breast lift with augmentations.

All went fine until her Bypass forced her body into losing and losing and losing even more weight – no matter how much she tried not to.

The result…well you have the picture.

She now is back to a normal weight.

Hopefully, we can get a current photo of skeletor now that she is not so thin.