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Watch the scariest looking multiple birth mother in the world speak

Since her appearance on a morning tv show, the blog world has been abuzz with speculation about the peculiar looks of Nadya Suleman, the woman who gave birth to eight babies last week. Nadya has awkward, huge fish lips, a nose that looks ridiculously shaved down, and other suspected facial alterations.

Here is a video where she is being interviewed and she seems off her rocker. Nadya makes statements such as,”I wanted to have many children, because I did not have human connections growing up and my upbringing was dysfunctional.”

Nevermind that she lives at home with her parents, the two people she credits for her dysfunctional upbringing. Someone as crazy as her should have never been operated on.

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Melanie Griffith scares me

melanie griffith melanie_griffith.jpg

Melanie Griffith was once a cute fresh faced pixie. The first photo is Melanie back in the 80’s. Notice the thin lips and smaller nose! Her lips are stuffed with collagen and her face is so tight she can’t smile, she just grimaces! Why is her nose larger? Could it be from pharmaceuticals?Now, her face has very frightening gargoyle type qualities. Her lips are bursting with collagen, her skin is stretched tight, her cheek implants are bulging. She really does not look like her former self anymore, no wonder her husband Antonio Banderas allegedly likes to stray. Oh and by the way, who thinks that braids like hers went out about 20 years ago? Can’t she afford a decent stylist?