Courtney Stodden Gets Breast Implants

It looks like Courtney Stodden, the teen bride of Green Mile actor, Doug Hutchison, finally took the plunge and got breast implants. Stodden was photographed last weekend on the beach by her much older husband in an attempt to prove, ‘she is real’. Sure, Courtney, we all believe you. Next year, the couple will debut [...]

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Star Jones – Weirdest Looking Breast Augmentation Ever

Many of you remember Star Jones as one of the highly unpleasant hosts on the annoying TV morning show, The View. Now, she has lost around 100 pounds and has gotten some breast implants. Her implants look 20 years younger than the rest of her.

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ScarJo – Real or Fake?

The holy grail of celebrity nudes has finally arrived – Scarlett Johansson can be see completely nude in some newly released candid shots of the actress frolicking nude. In one photo, she is lying topless on her side looking up at the camera. None of the less, the one visible breast looks far too round [...]

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Leann Rimes unveils new breasts to jeers

Country singer Leann Rimes gets roasted on after exposing her breast implants to public scrutiny in a teeny bikini. Here are just a smattering of the comments:

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Kate Upton – Verdict: Yes, they're fake

Kate Upton is now pop culture phenomenon thanks to being linked to rapper Kanye West. Prior to that, she and her breasts were best known for her Victoria’s Secret pictorials. What is the verdict on her breasts? Fake! At certain angles, it is very obvious her breasts are implants due to their high profile in [...]

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Tot gets boob job voucher for her birthday

In England, Poppy Burge got an unusual birthday present. Her mum, Sarah, gave her a voucher to use towards paying for breast implants. (If this strikes you as odd, Sarah Burge, made headlines last year for teaching Poppy how to pole dance when she had just turned 6.) She said: ‘Poppy begged me for a [...]

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Janice Dickinson Fires Back

This new nude of 70s supermodel Janice Dickinson just hit the internet. I think Janice wanted us to get the big picture.

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The Tough Don't Get Older, They Just Go Larger

Janice Dickinson has been showing off some dazzling new larger breast implants. The tough don’t get older, they just go larger. Damn, the implant ripples, full speed ahead. And yes, we see that there has also been another facelift in the interim. No comment. If you’re a plastic surgery professional and want to send in [...]

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Rihanna’s New Breasts

Rihanna has had a growth spurt in the chest area. Check out her old breasts and compare them to the new ones. Her new cup size is much larger. Join on Twitter at

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Megan’s Fakes

Wardrobe screwed up big time by putting Megan Fox in a dress where you can easily tell her breasts are fake. WTF?

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