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80s Soap Star Gone Wild With Plastic Surgery

This is 80s soap star Brenda Dickson. She was fired from The Young And The Restless in 1988 from her role as the original Jill Foster Abbott.

As you probably suspect, her hairline started out much lower. The photo was taken today at the Daytime Emmys. It has not been photoshopped, her eyejob/facelift/browlift really looks that crazy (see inset photo of her two years ago in court in Hawaii). Everyone has facially asymmetry but her plastic surgery made hers worse. Any ideas of how that occurred? A complication perhaps?

Brenda Dickson
Brenda Dickson

Dickson has been widely lampooned on the internet for her ‘Welcome To My Home’ video where she randomly gives tips of fashion and diet. She is re-releasing the video this year and offering a wonderful poster along with each purchase. Here is the preview video on Youtube. You must see it to believe it.