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Britney Spears Gets New Larger Implants

Britney Spears has had several sets of breast implants prior to her latest pair which are rather large (just like the first set of breast implants she received as a 17 year old teenager). Britney has a narrow chest and very little breast tissue to hide the implant; large implants do not look natural on [...]

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Britney's people sent in photos

Any press is good publicity over at the Britney Spears camp, so they sent in these photos of her performing in London recently. And yup, her chest looks padded! No more boob implants. Thanks BritneySpears.com courtesy of BritneySpears.com

June 10, 2009 · webmistress · 3,375 Comments
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Britney's chest has vanished

Britney Spears has been through numerous changes over the years (not just the crazy kind). Her breasts have mysteriously vanished and she is back to her original flat chested state (a la 1998).

June 9, 2009 · webmistress · 3,906 Comments
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Britney Spears' Lights Are Flashing

Britney Spears is brandishing her very plastic looking breasts again. Is that a sign that the old Britney is coming back or is she just crazily trying to relive her teen lolita years? I think her breasts are awfully fake looking, they just never seem to have dropped into place. They also launched a million [...]

December 6, 2008 · webmistress · 2,428 Comments
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The Ugliest Britney Ever!

In her long slide to the bottom, Britney has acquired fish lips. Her lips look so overinflated, they may be in danger of exploding. They don’t look pouty, instead they look like she was stung by bees.

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Britney's Butt Cellullite

Courtesy of WWTD.com, I have posted photos of Britney Spears‘ flabby rear and front. There are rumors that she has been flying to Las Vegas to have a new fat removal technique called ‘lipodissolve’ on her thighs and knees. Look at these photos. Her back thighs and butt look riddled with cellulite, but her front [...]

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Britney Looks More Hideous Than You Think

Scary Lipo Scars In The AFter Photo Just when you thought that Britney Spears could not become anymore vile looking, she has to lift up her top and show off what looks like lipo suction scarring on her out of shape belly. It looks like she went to the same doctor as Tara Reid. Granted, [...]

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Britney Definitely Looks Enhanced

After being sent this new photo of Britney Spears lounging in a bikini, I couldn’t help but marvel at the massive size of her chest. On January 21 this year, it was much smaller. Now, Britney’s breasts appear enlarged. Even if she’s been gorging on food, I don’t think all the weight would go to [...]

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Does Britney Spears Have New Breasts?

Postscript: BRITNEY IS PREGNANT. OOPS, WE MESSED UP. Does international superstar, Britney Spears, have new breasts? It looks like it. Remember, Britney recently returned to LA after spending four weeks in Louisiana ostensibly ‘visiting her mother’. Its now looking like she was doing much more than that. See the photos. She might have gained weight [...]

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Britney Spears' Button Nose

Britney Spears’ button nose has definitely changed over the past 4 years into something much more contoured. Click here for a side by side comparison. Yes! This is the old Britney Spears!

November 1, 2003 · webmistress · Comments Closed
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