Jennifer Lopez

Is it just me or do Jennifer Lopez’s facial features off at the moment?  I think she had a brow lift plus some botox injections to make her jawline less wide (like singer Charise from Glee) and fillers for her cheeks to make them more soft and rounded. The 2003 ‘before’ photo is actually after [...]

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Ex royal girlfriend under the knife

Eva Sannum is the ex-girlfriend of Spanish Prince Felipe. Her background as a lingerie model was considered risque, so he dumped her for someone more acceptable to his Royal Family. And below is the end result! She got a nose job, stopped plumping her lips, and had an overly aggressive browlift. Eeek!

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The Many Faces Of Fergie

I stumbled upon a 2004 photo of singer Fergie and compared it to a 2010 photo. I think the plastic surgery procedures she chose are not in harmony with each other. I detect a browlift, veneers, rhinoplasty, some minor lip augmentation, plus facial fillers and botox. All of it was too much, too soon.

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Marie Osmond Overdosed On Botox

Marie Osmond has overdosed on botox! She looked very unlike herself in a recent tv performance. See below.

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Heidi Montag – wtf?

Heidi Montag is probably the most famous plastic surgery victim in Hollywood at the moment. Should her family stage a ‘plastic surgery’ intervention for her to keep her from getting more work? Heidi looks completely out of it lately and has mentioned wanting to get work done in the future. Free Web poll for your [...]

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Heidi Montag’s Post Plastic Surgery Photos

Heidi Montag appeared on Good Morning America today in an exclusive interview. Here are screencaps from the interview. Her new work is pretty obvious – larger lips, cheek implants, more rhinoplasty, and so on. She also claims not to be addicted to plastic surgery.

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Watch Angelina Jolie morph

Access Hollywood unintentionally put together a series of Angelina Jolie interview clips from the start of her career to the present. It is interesting to watch how much her features change – her eyes and brow chane shape, her lips change, and her nose gets more refined. Watch now, before this video ‘disappears’ forever! A [...]

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Something is up with Tori Amos

Tori Amos is apparently traveling down the heavily trodden path of many famous singers. The internet is buzzing with stories about her new ‘look’. I had to see for myself and saw a Tori Amos I barely recognized (thank goodness for captions!). Her nose looks shaved down and her forehead yanked up. Her eyes look [...]

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Is that Gwyneth Paltrow or a wax figure?

I recently saw some new photos of Gwyneth Paltrow and thought,”Gee, she looks hard.” Her skin looked waxen, slickly tight, and too smooth. When her mouth smiled, her eyes stayed transfixed; they did not smile with her. I wouldn’t be shocked to learn that Gwyneth has been under the knife. Her face resembles that of [...]

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Jennie Garth looking slickly plastic

Like I mentioned last week, Jennie Garth is looking very tight faced, as if her face is made of plastic. She must feel quite old going back to the tv show that made her famous as a teenager. Jennie is in her mid thirties and should have some lines in her face naturally. Here, she [...]

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