Jessica Lange at the Emmys – too much plastic surgery

This is Jessica Lange at the Emmys on Sunday. She’s already been covered on this site, but she’s definitely looked like she’d been tightened up recently maybe with botox. I really do not like the canthopexy surgery sweeping Hollywood, because it changes the eye position too much.

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The Eyes of Kylie Minogue

Canthopexy is my new least favorite celebrity plastic surgery. This surgery tightens the under eye area and also lifts up the corners of the eyes. I just don’t like it, it leaves patients looking strange. Kylie Minogue is a great example. I also don’t like the lip injections she’s had, they are not needed.

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Chris Evert Looks Different

Chris Evert looks different as in being almost unrecognizable! Discreet nips and tucks are one thing, but getting a whole new different face is another. Look at her eyes. They look like slits. Bad idea, Chrissie, bad idea. Your face is too tight!

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Cathy Dennis has cat eyes

Many of you probably do not remember early 90s singing sensation Cathy Dennis. She is now a songwriter in London and apparently an avid fan of plastic surgery judging her oddly tilted at the corners eyes. She looks positively feline. Its quite a change from the softer look she had merely a decade ago.

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Christina, No!!

What is going on with Christina Applegate’s face? Her eyes look larger and definitely look ‘set’ differently in the after photo. Ever her wonky left eye appears different. Her facial skin looks smoother. Face lifts do not stop time, they merely ‘re-drape’ the skin of the face. The ‘re-drape’ can look strange until it settles [...]

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The New Bree Walker

Last year, many wrote in about Bree Walker after seeing her on the Dr. Phil show. They were concerned about her possibly surgically altered appearance. I’m afraid they’ll be even more concerned after viewing Bree’s profile picture on the website of tv show, ‘Carnival’. She looks very odd and feline like around the eyes, as [...]

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Bree Walker

After seeing Bree Walker on a recent Larry King Live TV appearance, one viewer remarked, ‘It looks like Loni Anderson and the Crypt Keeper had a child together’. Poor Bree’s eyes are all askew from a bad face lift.

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Priscilla Presley and Her Chipmunk Cheeks

Once sleek faced Priscilla Presley has become quite the chipmunk face. Her cheeks are bulging. This photo timeline reflects her descent into plastic surgery insanitity. SEE A LARGE SIDE BY SIDE COMPARISON Early 1980s Late 80s 2003

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