This is the nose you get after too much cocaine

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What happens when the inside of your nose collapses after indulging too much in cocaine? You get a new reconstructed nose that vaguely resembles the old one, yet still looks ‘off’. Take a look below.

The nose belongs to socialite Tara Palmer.

Kate Moss’ grown up nose

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kate moss

Kate Moss hit the international scene in the early 90s. Since then, she has been through many changes and even spent a few stints in drug rehab. The British press dubbed her “Cocaine Kate”.

Did drugs damage Kate’s nose? Some people feel that it has. I have received several emails and photos saying that Kate’s nose looks ‘eaten away’.

I do feel that her nose looks very different now. Her nose does appear narrower. The bridge of her nose looks raised and looks like it may have the sort of nasal implant give to cocaine addicts (whose actions cause their noses to collapse inside). Overall, it gives her a harder look.

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