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Real Housewives of Orange County Premieres With New Plastic Surgery

The women on the reality series ‘Real Housewives of Orange County
‘ will be showing off new plastic surgery when the shows premieres in November.

Tamra Barney has had an eye lift along with some refurbishments to her already large chest. (She’ll need it for her new career in stripping or porn, because she and unemployed husband Simon have taken all the equity out of their flashy McMansion which they are trying to sell.)

Tamra Barney loves breast implants
Tamra Barney loves breast implants

Lynne Curtin had a facelift over the summer before her family was evicted from their home for not paying rent. She is also under attack for using a name already under copyright for her jewelry business. According to the copyright owners, she refuses to stop using the name ‘Cuff Luv':

Lynne Curtin illegally used our registered trademark Cuff Luv for the name of her jewlery line. It is unfortunate that the Bravo network featured her pieces under our company name and we are sorry for any confusion this may have caused our customers. Cuff Luv items can be found at www.cuffluvstuff.com or at qvc.com. We have attempted to contact Ms. Curtin several times asking that she cease usage of our name.

Poor Lisa Turtle!

What in the world happened to Lark Voorhees’ face? She looks utterly bizarre!

Lark Voorhees
Lark Voorhees
The eyes have it!
The eyes have it!

The unflattering makeup and hair color don’t help, but the bad eye job in inexcusable as is the rhinoplasty (look at how the shape of her nostrils changed). Bad, bad, bad work.

Medically, what can Lark do to fix her face? Send me your answers! She’s only 35 and should not have gotten an eye lift.

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Madonna Looks Scary


Madonna looks scary. She is desperately trying to turn back time and miserably failing.

A source says that she is going to extreme measures to maintain her appearance. He claims that Madonna had her eyes operated on by a Los Angeles doctor named Michael Groth, an ophthalmologist who only does eyelid surgery. Dr. Groth has even appeared on an episode of the tv show ‘Dr 90210′ where he operated in tandem with another doctor on a patient dissatisfied with eyes.