This is Leslie Vogel, the mom of Heroes star Hayden Panettiere. Do you think Hayden’s tv star salary helped finance her mom’s, um, ‘alterations’? It is pretty obvious that she’s had rhinoplasty, botox (super shiny skin is the give away), and lip enlargement.

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No implants for Hayden yet!

No breast implants for tv star Hayden Panettiere. It looks like she is wearing the plastic cutlets women stuff in their bra to make their cleavage look larger.

Oh no, look at Hayden’s nose

Hayden Panettiere plays the cheerleader on the tv show, Heroes. A recent email from a reader mentioned that her nose looks somehow different. I agree, it does. The tip of her nose looks slimmer and shaved down.
Does it work? No, it just looks and seems unnecessary. It makes her look older overnight. [...]