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Heidi Montag Reveals How Plastic Surgery Plan “Backfired”

Heidi Montag profited off of her full-body plastic surgery makeover — but now she wishes she handled the entire overhaul differently … and quietly. The former star of “The Hills” and hubby Spencer Pratt are currently contestants on the UK version of “Celebrity Big Brother,” where Heidi opened up about some of her regrets. “I [...]

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Heidi Montag ‘Would Never’ Have More Plastic Surgery

Heidi Montag’s life has taken a drastic turn over the years. After skyrocketing to fame on “The Hills” and making headlines for undergoing 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day in 2010, the former reality star is happy to be living her life out of the spotlight. The 26-year-old stopped by Access Hollywood Live on [...]

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Funniest Story of 2010 – Tila hates Heidi's surgeries

Tila Tequila trashing Heidi Montag’s plastic surgery is my pick for the funniest celebrity plastic surgery story of 2010. Check out Tila’s greatest hits: ‘I think she looks a lot older’ ‘She literally looks 10 years older’ ‘She’s sending out a really, really, really, really, really, really, really bad message to other young girls out [...]

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Heidi Montag's Plastic Surgeon Killed

Heidi Montag’s plastic surgeon, Dr Frank Ryan, was killed in a Malibu auto accident yesterday. Supposedly, he was texting, when he lost control of his vehicle and plunged down a steep hillside. Blunt force trauma was his cause of death. His dog, Jill, was in the car with him at the time and was seriosly [...]

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The Most Searched For Celebrities On AwfulPlasticSurgery.com

Who are the most search for celebrities on AwfulPlasticSurgery.com? Read on! 1. Heidi Montag – she has so many plastic parts, we’ll just call her RoboWoman 2. Audrina Patridge – perfect example of what kind of breast implants not to get 3. Amanda Bynes – poor plastic surgery choices paved her way out of the [...]

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Tara Reid and Heidi Montag lampooned in comedy podcast

Tara Reid, Tori Spelling, and Heidi Montag have worked their way into a comedy podcast by famed Orange County plastic surgeon Dr John Di Saia MD. Here, he pokes fun of Heidi Montag. And, here, Tori and Tara, take a beating.

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Heidi Montag calls her body 'a gazillion dollar franchise'

The ever changing Heidi Montag recently described her body as ‘a trillion, gazillion, bazillion-dollar franchise‘. She was surrounded by bodyguards due to threats made against her. Watch her interview with Extra.

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Doctors Give Heidi Thumbs Down

Heidi Montag’s plastic surgery gets thumbs down from medical professionals! According to US Magazine and Dr. Lyle M. Back, Heidi’s breasts have a high risk of drooping over time due to their immense size. “The excessive weight of the implants in these extreme augmentations almost always leads to chronic lower back pain and significant drooping [...]

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Heidi Montag Reveals New Porn Star Body

Heidi Montag’s much talked about recent spate of plastic surgeries included alterations to her breasts and mid-section. On Saturday, she showed off the result of her plastic surgeon’s work. I suppose Spencer is happy now that he’s finally turned Heidi into the porn star/stripper of his dreams.

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Heidi Montag's new nose – did she shave off too much?

What do you think of Heidi Montag’s new nose? Did she have too much shaved off? Free Web poll for your Web site – freepolls.com I think she should have skipped the secondary rhinoplasty. Her primary rhinoplasty, where she had the bump shaved off her bridge, had an excellent result.

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