Heidi Montag Has Trout Pout And A Milk Mustache

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Heidi Montag not only has an obnoxious trout pout. She also has what looks like milk mustache. Why is there a white ring around her lips? Is the glare from the flash? Or is a reaction to an injection?

This is what it looks like to me she had done. She had white roll augmentation where collagen is injected just beyond the border where the pink of your lip stops. Sounds gross, huh? Well, as you can see it looks gross too! A temporary filler can be used, but for a more permanent result artecoil or silicone can be used.

Heidi Montag seems very intent on going ‘Hollywood’. Is she going too far?

Should Heidi Montag Stop having Plastic Surgery
Should Heidi Montag stop having plastic surgery?


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Reality TV Star Get Porn Star Boobs

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Heidi Montag, who lives with Lauren Conrad on the reality tv show ‘The Hills’, just got huge porn star breasts. They are quite the contrast to the petite breasts she had previously. Supposedly, Heidi is working on an album with David Foster; I guess her new iflatables will give her career a ‘lift’. In my opinion, they look super slutty and trashy on such a small girl. She looks more like she is getting ready to release a sex tape than a debut album.

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