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Awful Plastic Surgery & Good Plastic Surgery Update

Brittany Murphy
Brittany Murphy

What’s new in celebrity plastic surgery? Plenty!!

Casey Johnson exits the building

Jason Lewis – not so sexy in the city

Kate Walsh’s new boobs

Brittany Murphy and painkillers part 2

Was Brittany Murphy addicted to painkillers due to plastic surgery?

Hayden’s perky new implants

Rest In Peace, Brittany!

Jason Lewis – not so sexy in the city

Jason Lewis starred on a few seasons of HBO’s Sex and the City as the love interest of Samantha, played by Kim Kim Cattrall. I have gotten a number of emails over the past two years claiming he ‘had done something’ to his face. Well, let’s see what’s cooking!!

I can definitely detect an eye job as well as ample use of botox (see the shiny forehead in the last photo). He doesn’t look awful, but doesn’t really look like himself. He’s almost 40 playing a 20something in the Sex and the City movies so perhaps he felt pressured to change things.

Jason Lewis over the time
Jason Lewis over the time

Jason Lewis looks like a Chuckie Doll


I happened upon this recent photo of actor Jason Lewis (Samantha’s much younger boyfriend on Sex and the City). He is starting to look like a Chuckie doll (remember that scary movie?). His eye tilt upward very oddly, his cheeks look suspiciously plump (smuggling chesnuts, Jason?). and his skin looks stretched to the bursting point. He looks strange. I can’t figure out what he did to his face. Perhaps some sort of light face lift with botox? Whatever it was, he should have stayed home until things settled.