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More of Jennie Garth’s new look

Jennie Garth is popping up around Tinsel Town events looking quite startled. It is big change from the girl next door everyone knew from the original Beverly Hills 90210. The  biggest issue I have with her new look is that her forehead does not move and her eyes look strange. Also the skin around her mouth barely moves when she smiles. Even her nose looks like it has been tweaked a bit at the tip.

Jennie Garth

Jennie Garth looking slickly plastic


Like I mentioned last week, Jennie Garth is looking very tight faced, as if her face is made of plastic. She must feel quite old going back to the tv show that made her famous as a teenager. Jennie is in her mid thirties and should have some lines in her face naturally. Here, she looks fat cheeked (like she has cheek implants) and surprised. The strangest thing about the new 90210 is her appearance along with Shannon Doherty’s. They both look like plastic surgery victims.

Is this really Jennie Garth?



Is this really Jennie Garth? She is only 35 or so, but looks very unlike herself in recent photos. Her eyes look dramatically different and too alert (they look pulled open too tightly). Make sure you watch the new Beverly Hills 90210, so that you can check out her new ‘look’! She looks very weird. It is way too early for her to be dipping into the plastic surgery drawer.