The Most Searched For Celebrities On

Who are the most search for celebrities on Read on! 1. Heidi Montag – she has so many plastic parts, we’ll just call her RoboWoman 2. Audrina Patridge – perfect example of what kind of breast implants not to get 3. Amanda Bynes – poor plastic surgery choices paved her way out of the [...]

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Jocelyn Wildenstein checks in

Jocelyn Wildenstein is a big favorite on this site. Since we first mentioned her in 2003, she has had even more plastic surgery. Last week, she was flaunting her hard breast implants. They don’t look remotely real, but as long as she gets attention, its all good, right?

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What's new at Awful Plastic Surgery?

What’s new at Awful Plastic Surgery? Kelly Bensimon’s breasts horrify the web Jocelyn Wildenstein Drag Performer Can Lisa Rinna’s upper lip be repaired? Mickey Rourke takes off the Halloween mask The Cat Lady Is Everywhere! Guess the famous actor! Lindsay Lohan hits the wall – hard Bethenny Frankel [...]

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Jocelyn Wildenstein Drag Performer

Jocelyn Wildenstein has an impersonator from Australia. Her name is Cleopatra Coupe. She definitely captures the distorted features without going in a Halloween mask direction. Click here for Jocelyn. You can see more here:

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I love Jocelyn Wildenstein!

I love Jocelyn Wildenstein! She is the epitome of plastic surgery gone wild. Does anyone know the name of her doctor? A conversation with her about plastic surgery would be fascinating, because she allegedly has had 4 million dollars of it. You’d bring up a more rarely performed procedure like a body lift and she’d [...]

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The Cat Lady Is Everywhere!

The Cat Lady is everywhere, literally. Actually, I am starting to see a resemblance between Jocelyn Wildenstein and certain other celebrities who get plastic surgery to make themselves look younger (I do not agree with the assertion that looking younger equals beauty). Plastic surgeons all use the same operating techniques and we are starting to [...]

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What if Jocelyn Wildenstein reversed her plastic surgery?

What if Jocelyn Wildenstein reversed her plastic surgery? What is she got rid of the lip, chin, and cheek implants? Could you look more normal? This interesting video morphs away some of her scarier features. Here is a video that has some newer photos of Wildenstein.

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The many faces of Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyn Wildenstein is proud of her excessive plastic surgery. She had her eyes done, her lips plumped to the point of exploding, rhinoplasty, a chin implants, and various face lifts. She looks very alien like at this point.

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The Best Photos Of The Cat Lady Ever

These are the best ever photos of the cat lady, Jocelyn Wildenstein, ever! Why? Because I think they show off a possible new procedure she may have had. Look at her chin? Was it so prominent before? It looks different; its looks more square. Also, her lips look more plump than usual.

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Bride of Wildenstein Photo Redux

Jocelyn Wildenstein is one of the world’s scariest celebrities due to the vast number of plastic surgeries she has had. She is over 60 years old and started having surgeries when her wealthy husband left her for a young model. She has had face lifts, rhinoplasties, lip injections, cheek implants, and heaven knows what else [...]

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