Lara Flynn Boyle Acts Dotty On The Red Carpet

Lara Flynn Boyle was on the red carpet last night. She appeared to be a bit sloshed and somewhat out of sorts. However, her lips were as plump and fresh as ever. Hurray for Hollywood.

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The Most Searched For Celebrities On

Who are the most search for celebrities on Read on! 1. Heidi Montag – she has so many plastic parts, we’ll just call her RoboWoman 2. Audrina Patridge – perfect example of what kind of breast implants not to get 3. Amanda Bynes – poor plastic surgery choices paved her way out of the [...]

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Lara Flynn Boyle's lip mystery

Over the past few months, many television viewers and pop culture followers have been puzzled by the strange appearance of actress Lara Flynn Boyle. Earlier this year, she appeared on long running drama, Law and Order, and viewers were startled by the change in her appearance; primarily her inflated lips scared them. The phrase trout [...]

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Catching up with Lara Flynn Boyle

Audiences were shocked at the bizarre appearance of Lara Flynn Boyle on an episode of Law and Order earlier this year. Her lips appeared to have doubled in size and her facial muscles seemed frozen. Lara was out and about recently and unfortunately, still appeared to afflicted with the huge fish lips from a few [...]

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A new theory on Lara Flynn Boyle

I just received this interesting email about actress Lara Flynn Boyle and her recent public appearance: I saw that episode of “Law & Order,” and I also took forever to figure out it was her. It doesn’t appear that she’s had surgery, but rather that she’s on prednisone ( ) (or some other steroid). Those [...]

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Is Lara Flynn Boyle Ill?

I previously posted about Lara Flynn Boyle with regard to my thoughts on her altered appearance. Now, I’m not so sure. Could her strange look be caused by illness and not a surgeon’s knife? Her face looks very swollen. Many steroid medications cause this side effect. Also, her mouth looks incredibly strange. Did she have [...]

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Lara Flynn Boyle – What happened?

I’ve been barraged with emails about actress Lara Flynn Boyle after she recently appeared on TV (Law and Order). The main complaint was there there was ‘something wrong with her cheeks’ and ‘she did something to her lower face’. So I decided to investigate. Okay, it does look like something is different with her cheeks, [...]

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Lara Flynn Boyle – Duck Lips Aren’t Sexy

Prior to her collagen lips, Lara Flynn Boyle was a pretty girl. However, in a place as superficial as Hollywood, its not enough to be pretty; you must look perfect and that often leads people in the wrong direction. In Lara’s case, it lead her to believe that she needed collagen in her lips for [...]

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