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Latoya Jackson

Latoya Jackson must have used the same plastic surgeon as her brother, because before Michael died, they looked almost like twins. Same nose, eyes, and lips.

LaToya Jackson on the left, Michael on the right
LaToya Jackson on the left, Michael on the right

I wonder if Michael’s favorite plastic surgeon, Dr Hoefflin, is responsible for the all their unique look.

Guess who was dining with Latoya last night? Lisa Turtle from Saved By The Bell. Check out her ‘new’ face, click here.

Yet Another Freaky Member Of The Jackson Family


There’s yet another freaky looking member of the Jackson family. Now, its Latoya Jackson who has ventured into ‘What the hell has she done to her face?’ territory. As if the nose (why the heck call it a nose, they look like flaps for breathing in my opinion) work wasn’t enough for La Toya, she now looks permanently surprised (brow lift anyone?) and has strange lips that look like they want to be kewpie doll shaped but couldn’t quite make it.