Lindsay Lohan – the excessive aging continues

Lindsay Lohan has aged faster than any recent Hollywood starlet in history. See the photo below (I even think she had another rhinoplasty in the past few years.). Do you think she and her mother look the same age in the photo above? Free Web poll for your Web site –

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Lindsay keeps her pucker going with lip implants

Lindsay Lohan, not knowing how long she’d be locked up and away from her doctor’s lip plumping needle, opted for lip implants before arriving for jail earlier this week. But it is not truly that funny. Where the heck did she find a doctor to do plastic surgery on a very recently recovering addict with [...]

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More Premature Aging For Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan attended the MTV Movie Awards last weekend. She is a great example of how drugs, drinking, poor nutrition, and too little sleep prematurely age a person. She now has saggy jowls, even though she is not yet 30.

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What's new at

What’s new at As always, plenty of good stuff! Real Housewives of Orange County Premieres With New Plastic Surgery Lilo Flatlines in Europe Leslie Ash has more plastic surgery! Get A Free Laptop Shauna Sand repairs an errant nipple Orit Fux – Israel’s Own Pamela Anderson Ha ha [...]

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Lilo Flatlines in Europe

Lindsay Lohan looked totally exhausted during her trip to Europe and the heavily injected lips did not help.

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Lindsay Lohan looking haggard in Paris

Lindsay Lohan took her trout pout to Paris and arrived looking haggard with the usual retinue of enablers. If she goes back to her natural hair color, lays off the death mask makeup, and mood enhancers, she has a good chance of appearing her real age.

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What's new at Awful Plastic Surgery?

What’s new at Awful Plastic Surgery? Plenty of great new items. Jessica Lange at the Emmys – too much plastic surgery Blake’s Fakes The Eyes of Kylie Minogue Marg Helgenberger – you don’t have to be CSI to figure out what she’s done to her face or try this Another [...]

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Another pic of Lindsay’s huge lips

Here is another shot of Lindsay Lohan rocking some fierce trout pout. This puts end to the saying,’Too much is never enough.’ Since she won’t stop with the awful plastic surgery, what do you think she’ll get done next? My guess is another rhinoplasty.

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Lindsay Lohan – lushlipped in the City

Lindsay Lohan was in New York City yesterday (again) wandering the streets seeking attention for her huge inflated lips. Though looking drugged out at moments, the trout pout vixen seemed to be enjoying herself. Is it just my imagination or is it possible to see the scabbed over injection spot in her upper lip? Gross, [...]

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Lindsay Lohan aging before our eyes

This is a good compilation of Lindsay Lohan pictures showing her age prematurely. Her situation is a great example of how poor nutrition, drugs, and badly done cosmetic procedures make a person look older.

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