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The Many Faces Of Fergie

I stumbled upon a 2004 photo of singer Fergie and compared it to a 2010 photo. I think the plastic surgery procedures she chose are not in harmony with each other. I detect a browlift, veneers, rhinoplasty, some minor lip augmentation, plus facial fillers and botox. All of it was too much, too soon. [...]

Oksana Grigorieva is an odd looking chick. Her face is a mish mash of awful plastic surgery. Lip augmented. Check. Rhinoplasty. Check. Cheek Implants. Check. Browlift. Check. Like most plastic surgery disasters, there was nothing wrong with her ‘before’ appearance. Hollywood is a bad place, huh?

Kristi Gibson is the ex-wife of rock singer Brett Michaels. I don’t have the best before photo of her, but you can tell she was stunning. In the after photo, you can see she has had a ton of plastic surgery on her face. Her nose, lips, eyes, and cheeks look dramatically different. She [...]

Dr. Shoib Myint is a skilled Las Vegas plastic surgeon. He specializes in facial plastic surgery and graciously answered my questions on Megan Fox, Sophie Monk, and Jenna Jameson. Visit Dr Myint’s website at .

Megan Fox
There is no question Megan Fox underwent some type of lip augmentation. It is difficult to tell from [...]

The Murderess Makeover

Sandra Murphy had her conviction for killing ex-boyfriend Ted Binion overturned a few years ago. Since then, she has relocated to San Diego and somehow come into a pile of cash, because she has made over her entire face. She was average before surgery and looks average after, but like a completely different person. She [...]

Marie Osmond Overdosed On Botox

Marie Osmond has overdosed on botox! She looked very unlike herself in a recent tv performance. See below.

Mia Lee was a local Los Angeles tv host until the end of last year, when she was replaced. She has not yet popped up on a new network. Before she vanished, she added some lip implants to her assortment of bodily alterations. See the pics!
I think she opted for lip implants and not lip [...]

Amanda Bynes calls it a day

Amanda Bynes, a former child star, announced her retirement from acting via Twitter on Sunday. Like many actresses her age, she had tried to ‘improve’ her appearance via plastic surgery. Maybe it did not garner her the rewards she expected.
Looking at the 2006 photo and comparing it to the 2010, it is obvious [...]

Megan Fox Wigs Out

Discuss Megan Fox’s lips!
A fan of the site sent me new pictures of Megan Fox (that is not a vein on her forehead in the photo above, it is part of her lace front wig attachment) along with his notes on her facial reconfiguration (via
the new ones are from the latest movie premiere where [...]

Melanie Griffith is known for her trout pout, but during a recent appearance, it seems she has allowed it to deflated a bit. And you know what? We like it! Let them deflate completely, Melanie, we are rooting for you.