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Gina Gershon's Rhinoplasty

Gina Gershon is one of those celebrities I never paid attention to until I saw her recently and was surprised at how different she looks now compared to when she hit it big in the movie Showgirls (1995). Every facial feature that made her unique has been tinkered with – eyes, nose, lips, etc.

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Jenna Jameson – WTF?

Jenna Jameson is super sexy, but what the heck is going on with her lips? Jenna, we loved your lips before.

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The Barbi Twins resurface

The Barbi Twins were 90s Playboy pinups. They appeared on MTV, Sallie Jesse Raphael, and made a host of other TV appearances. They are also known for discussing their long running problem with food addiction, bulimia, and exercise bulimia. When they first emerged, they claimed to be ‘all natural’ and to have never had plastic [...]

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Gary Oldman was married to this?

Gary Oldman was married to this freakish looking woman (named Donia Fiorentino) with lips a big as breakfast sausages. Her main career is as a ‘personality’, which means that she is about as deep as Paris Hilton (her other claim to fame is dating the straight half of the 80s group Wham!). If she’s going [...]

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Lisa Rinna admits to trout pout

Dancing With The Stars alumni Lisa Rinna admits to trout pout. In an interview, she stated that everyone in Hollywood does it. However, after seeing a photo of herself, she decided to be more careful with her filler usage. We think it is a great idea, because she was perfectly lovely when she entered the [...]

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Traci Bingham won't stop stuffing her upper lip

Traci Bingham is a former Baywatch ‘actress’, who has become a staple on the reality tv circuit. Currently, she is on a reality show where people pitch ideas for their own individual reality program. What does that mean? She very likely turns the volume up on her plastic surgery routine. Take a look at her [...]

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Jennifer Aniston's lips questioned by Star Magazine

Star Magazine questions whether Jennifer Anniston’s lips are siliconed filled because they look larger, click here to read it.. This site already raised that questions about Jennifer a few years ago, click here to read that article.

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Jennifer Anniston's lips are plump

Jennifer Aniston‘s lips now look plumped. Guess what? It looks awful! She looked like she’s been smacked in the mouth. Click here to see the photos.

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Do my puffy lips make me look young, asks Ivana Trump?

Ivana Trump asks,’Do my puffy lips make me look young, dahling?’ No, I don’t think so. They look outrageously hideous and infected with puss of some kind. Her upper lip looks unevenly filled, which is a sign of bad collagen lip work. Sue whomever did it and demand a refund. You deserve better. Watch Ivana [...]

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Pick A Lip Size, Kate

This actress refuses to pick a lip size. Her pout changes size depending on the occasion with disastrous results; she does not mind sporting a bad case of trout pout. Click here to see her identity.

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