The Murderess Makeover

Sandra Murphy had her conviction for killing ex-boyfriend Ted Binion overturned a few years ago. Since then, she has relocated to San Diego and somehow come into a pile of cash, because she has made over her entire face. She was average before surgery and looks average after, but like a completely different person. She [...]

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Heidi loves her lip fillers

Heidi Montag loves her lip fillers even when they make her lips look like she has tubes implanted in them.

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Jessica Biel – Gone Hollyweird

Jessica Biel has been quoted as saying about Hollywood,”Your face and body can get you in the door.” Apparently true in her case and in many others. In her recent photos, something about her has looked ‘off’ and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I believe she’d had a good number of plastic [...]

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Chloe Lattanzi Escapes Elimination on Rock the Cradle

Chloe Lattanzi escaped elimination this week on the reality tv show ‘Rock the Cradle’. On the show, the children of famous musical performers compete against each other in an ‘American Idol’ style competition. Is competition what Chloe needs right now? No, she needs real help. I think she suffers from some sort of body dysmorphic [...]

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Lara Flynn Boyle – What happened?

I’ve been barraged with emails about actress Lara Flynn Boyle after she recently appeared on TV (Law and Order). The main complaint was there there was ‘something wrong with her cheeks’ and ‘she did something to her lower face’. So I decided to investigate. Okay, it does look like something is different with her cheeks, [...]

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Hunter Tylo and her shelf boobs

By popular demand, I present to you soap actress, Hunter Tylo. Requests for her to be featured topped those of even Bree Walker. I don’t believe that anyone besides Stevie Wonder would describe Hunter Tylo’s seemingly enhanced bosoms as ‘proportional’. Indeed, they jut out like a shelf and look strangely out of place on her [...]

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Madchen Amick

Madchen Amick spent the early part of her career on the Hollywood fast track. She quickly landed sizeable roles in feature films and starred in the critically acclaimed tv series, ‘Twin Peaks’. Fastfoward to 2005. IMDB lists Madchen’s birth date as 1970, but judging from how she currently looks, she’s got to be much older. [...]

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Melanie Griffith Will Not Stop With The Plastic Surgery

Melanie Griffith seriously needs to stop with the lip collagen. She’s destroying the natural shape of her lips and it makes her look like Joker from the Batman movies.

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Jessica Biel: Lip Collagen Overload

‘Seventh Heaven’ cutie Jessica Biel is guilty of collagen overload. When I first saw her, I thought,’Gee, she has big lips for a white girl.’ But after cruising the web, I came upon the photo of Jessica on the left. Her real lips are thin and the puffy, bee stung look on the right is [...]

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