Did Kim Kardashian get lip implants?

Did Kim Kardashian get lip implants? You be the judge. Officially, Kim only admits to botox. She was quoted as saying: I’m totally not against plastic surgery. I’ve tried Botox before. That’s the only thing that I’ve done. “I would probably get my boobs done after I have kids,” she told Us. “I think every [...]

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Pete Burns Get A New Makeover

Pete Burns is back with a new face, according to the Daily Mail. Pete admits to some sizzling new nips and tucks: My most recent overhaul was about a month ago. I had a minor facelift and my eyes slanted. People redecorate their homes every few years and I see this as no different. Changing [...]

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Lindsay keeps her pucker going with lip implants

Lindsay Lohan, not knowing how long she’d be locked up and away from her doctor’s lip plumping needle, opted for lip implants before arriving for jail earlier this week. But it is not truly that funny. Where the heck did she find a doctor to do plastic surgery on a very recently recovering addict with [...]

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Nicole Kidman – new lips and new teeth

I am pretty sure Nicole Kidman has lip implants (as I mentioned before). I also believe she has veneers and had her gum line reduced. It is completely strange the way she has had almost all her natural facial features operated on and replaced (nose, eyes, brow, teeth, lips, etc).

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Plastic surgery victim aims for the ancient Egytian look

Some want to look like their favorite celebrity, others, like Nileen Namita, want to look like historical figures. Nileen feels that she is the reincarnation of Eqyptian queen Nefertiti and has spent almost half a million dollars to look like her. She has changed everything about her face with rhinoplasty, face lifts, brow lifts, lip [...]

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Ursula Andress has a rubbery face

Many eons ago, Ursula Andress was a sexy Bond girl. Like many women who were gorgeous in their youth, she is attempting to stop time and failing miserably. What is the end result? A rubbery face that looks like a Halloween mask. Her eyes have the requisite overly pulled open look and her lips look [...]

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Melanie Griffith – under the knife again?

For many years, I have believe Melanie Griffith to be a plastic surgery addict. A recent photo of her surfaced and her eyes have an odd tilt to them in the outer corners. She is smiling, however her eyes are pulled up too tightly. It gives her the Jocelyn Wildenstein cat eye look, which is [...]

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Peter Burns Is Still Lip Collagen Addicted

Despite being reviled for his unsuccessful plastic surgery adventures, Dead or Alive singer, Pete Burns, is still dedicated to having plump and kissable lips. The only problem here is that his doctor went crazy injecting Pete’s pout with filler. Do you think that Pete Burns’ lips could qualify as a floational device?

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Bree Walker

After seeing Bree Walker on a recent Larry King Live TV appearance, one viewer remarked, ‘It looks like Loni Anderson and the Crypt Keeper had a child together’. Poor Bree’s eyes are all askew from a bad face lift.

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