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Can Lisa Rinna’s upper lip be repaired?

Can Lisa Rinna’s upper lip be repaired? It looks like a prolapsed rectum (i.e. it has no elasticity and has collapsed). Medically, what could be done to fix her upper lip which has been stretched out of shape by overly aggressive use of lip fillers? Any medical professionals want to send in advice on what should be done? The address is webmaster **** A T **** awfulplasticsurgery.com

Lisa Rinna admits to trout pout

Dancing With The Stars alumni Lisa Rinna admits to trout pout. In an interview, she stated that everyone in Hollywood does it. However, after seeing a photo of herself, she decided to be more careful with her filler usage. We think it is a great idea, because she was perfectly lovely when she entered the public eye in the mid 90s.

lisa rinna
Check out how different her breasts look in the second photo. They went from natural looking to round orbs.

Another reason for Lisa to lay off the filler is that she looking like she is morphing into rapper Lil’ Kim. That is not a good thing, because Lil Kim looks scary.