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Lisa Rinna opens up about lip plastic surgery: ‘I’d do it again’

Actress Lisa Rinna got collagen injections in her lips and then had to undergo reconstructive plastic surgery to correct the bloating on her mouth but insists she’d do it again because her puffy lips have bolstered her career. “I would do it again,” Rinna said on the Today Show March 18. “I never had a [...]

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What's new at Awful Plastic Surgery?

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Can Lisa Rinna's upper lip be repaired?

Can Lisa Rinna’s upper lip be repaired? It looks like a prolapsed rectum (i.e. it has no elasticity and has collapsed). Medically, what could be done to fix her upper lip which has been stretched out of shape by overly aggressive use of lip fillers? Any medical professionals want to send in advice on what [...]

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Guess who?

Who is this woman? Why does her face look weird in motion?

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Oh gosh! Lisa Rinna does it again

Lisa Rinna has overdone things again after admitting that her plastic surgery was over the top. She is great example of how Hollywood convinces perfectly attractive normal people to maim themselves. Her lips are truly deformed and probably won’t ever snap back to a normal size. Her top lip is too large.

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Lisa Rinna admits to trout pout

Dancing With The Stars alumni Lisa Rinna admits to trout pout. In an interview, she stated that everyone in Hollywood does it. However, after seeing a photo of herself, she decided to be more careful with her filler usage. We think it is a great idea, because she was perfectly lovely when she entered the [...]

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Lisa Rinna Once Had Normal Lips

A resourceful reader found a photo of Lisa Rinna and her original lips. And yes, once upon a time, they were normal sized before she became a lip collagen fan.

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