Madonna and Courtney Love – Separated at birth?

Madonna and Courtney Love are starting to look separated at birth, I think! You be the judge. Their facial structures have a fresh similarity. ( I have feeling Madonna will chew out her plastic surgeon after reading this.)

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Madonna – Madame Tussaud’s couldn’t top this

Madonna is now essentially the wax work version of her 1990 self. The artificially plumped cheeks, chin implant, face lift, etc combines to form a scary mask. Even Madame Tussaud’s wax museum could not have done a better job. Free Web poll for your Web site –

November 9, 2009 · The Staff · 1,480 Comments
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Guess who?

Guess the celebrity below. Her bee stung unevenly plumped lips, numerous facial plastic surgeries, and gaunt appearance have made her rather unrecognizable.

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The Cat Lady Is Everywhere!

The Cat Lady is everywhere, literally. Actually, I am starting to see a resemblance between Jocelyn Wildenstein and certain other celebrities who get plastic surgery to make themselves look younger (I do not agree with the assertion that looking younger equals beauty). Plastic surgeons all use the same operating techniques and we are starting to [...]

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Madonna's new face – and yes, she still looks odd

Madonna has been in the public eye for over 25 years now and while she can’t lie about her age, she can unsuccessfully attempt to defy gravity. Epic fail in that department. Madonna recently was prancing around Los Angeles with a ‘new look’. Rumor has it she obtained a ‘ribbon lift’, which lifts up sagging [...]

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Gwyneth Paltrow's new freaky face rolls on

Gwyneth Paltrow‘s new freaky tight face rolls on. I do think that she’s had some sort of brow lift plus botox. Although, I’m sure that all her fans want to deny it. Face it, your little Gwynnie is changing. Her best friend is Madonna, which is not the best plastic surgery role model.

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Madonna is scary looking

Madonna is simply scary looking. Her hands reflect her true age. They look old and veiny. Madonna’s face waxen and stiff. Is she embalmed already?

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Madonna is skeletor

One of the sad side effects of cheek implants is the chance that the patient will look scarily gaunt if weight is lost. I call this gaunt look ‘skeletor’ (like the scary character from the 80s animated series). Madonna looks sadly unfortunate after a tough week of having her media flacks cancel her brother’s book [...]

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Is that Madonna or one of the Spitting Image puppets?

Madonna is starting to look like a Spitting Image puppet and sufferer of ‘madamism‘, a term for the puppet like features caused by too much plastic surgery. Remember, people, plastic surgery does not make you look younger, it only makes you look plastic! It looks like Madonna has had some facial refinements over the years. [...]

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Madonna Looks Scary

Madonna looks scary. She is desperately trying to turn back time and miserably failing. A source says that she is going to extreme measures to maintain her appearance. He claims that Madonna had her eyes operated on by a Los Angeles doctor named Michael Groth, an ophthalmologist who only does eyelid surgery. Dr. Groth has [...]

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