Soon honey, you’ll be plastic just like me

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“And just think, dear, if you keep it up you can someday look just like me!”

What a great way to instill confidence in your teen daughter. Get her botox to help fill in the ‘lines’ on her forehead. It is a fabulous way to say that beauty comes from the plastic surgeon and not from within.

UK mother, Margaret King, who has spent $90,000 on plastic surgery for herself, is encouraging her daughter Jodie to love plastic surgery. Nevermind that Jodie is only 18 and botox is not recommended for those under 30. Mommy bought her precious Jodie $2k in botox procedures.

What other delights await Jodie at the plastic surgery office? Mom Margaret has promised her rhinoplasty and breast implants when she turns 21!

The good people over at are having a field day with this story!

My suggestion for Jodie would be hairline reduction surgery before any other alterations (I mean this in a nice way.) She may also want to get her Mom a psych eval, because how anyone can look at a teenager and see wrinkles is totally beyond me.

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