Who are the most search for celebrities on AwfulPlasticSurgery.com? Read on!
1. Heidi Montag – she has so many plastic parts, we’ll just call her RoboWoman
2. Audrina Patridge – perfect example of what kind of breast implants not to get
3. Amanda Bynes – poor plastic surgery choices paved her way out of the industry
4. Sarah Ferguson [...]

More Meg Ryan

Yet another photo illustration of Meg Ryan’s yucky plastic surgery. Wouldn’t you rather have a few wrinkles than look like your face was made of plastic? Her lips are awful.

Meg Ryan doesn’t realize that the bee stung lips look went out with the late 80’s. She also is botoxed to death; it looks like it hurts for her to smile. In fact, one onlooker thinks she looks like Susan Dey of LA Law fame!

The Old Meg
The New Meg