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Megan’s Fakes

Wardrobe screwed up big time by putting Megan Fox in a dress where you can easily tell her breasts are fake. WTF?

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A Facial Plastic Surgeon’s Thoughts on Megan Fox, Jenna Jameson, and Sophie Monk

Dr. Shoib Myint is a skilled Las Vegas plastic surgeon. He specializes in facial plastic surgery and graciously answered my questions on Megan Fox, Sophie Monk, and Jenna Jameson. Visit Dr Myint’s website at www.eye-faceplasticsurgeon.com . Megan Fox There is no question Megan Fox underwent some type of lip augmentation. It is difficult to tell [...]

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Megan Fox Wigs Out

A fan of the site sent me new pictures of Megan Fox (that is not a vein on her forehead in the photo above, it is part of her lace front wig attachment) along with his notes on her facial reconfiguration (via Dlisted.com): the new ones are from the latest movie premiere where she surfaced [...]

June 21, 2010 · The Staff · Comments Closed
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No Awful Plastic Surgery For Megan Fox

I’ve been getting emails about actress Megan Fox having had her cheeks enhanced. I don’t think she has. I believe that she has lost too much weight and it is showing in her face. Even her lips look larger on a now much smaller face. Megan, gain some weight. If you can’t do it on [...]

June 19, 2010 · The Staff · 9,256 Comments
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Megan Fox in 20 years

I think Megan Fox will morph into Michaela Rominini in 20 years time if she keeps getting various plastic surgeries (lip collagen, rhinoplasty, etc). Adriana Lima hopefully will avoid the plastic surgery victim fate.

November 17, 2009 · The Staff · 4,207 Comments
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Yes, Megan's Boobs Look Fake

Megan Fox has some seriously fake looking boobs. Last year, she basically had pecs for breasts, now she’s got these round mounds. Oh sure, Megan, we all think they are real. If I had to guess, her breasts are probably filled with saline and not silicone, because they hang weird.

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When Your Fiance Is 21, You Want To Look 21 Too!

When your fiance is over a decade your junior, you want to look younger too. Just ask Brian Austin Green, who is the significant other (and maybe for not much longer) of actress Megan Fox. Brian Austin Green is 34. In the real world, that is not old, but in Hollywood, it is where the [...]

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Megan Fox – real or fake?

create a free poll on pollsb.com I, personally, believe that they are fake. Her breasts appear to sit up just a tad too high. Also, given the fullness of her breasts, they do not hang enough. Simply put, they are too perky for their large size. Also, after viewing this photo, I became suspicious. They [...]

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Megan Fox Dips Into The Well Again

Megan Fox continues to channel Angelina Jolie by having suspiciously plumped up lips. Listen ladies, fish lips are not sexy. How do you know when you have too much collagen in your lips? When the cupid’s bow of your upper lip vanishes without a trace.

March 27, 2008 · webmistress · Comments Closed
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