Awful Plastic Surgery Update

What’s new at Awful Plastic Surgery? Plenty of good stuff!! Honestly, does she think these bolted on fruits pass as real? Winona Judd and Chi Chi LaRue – Separated at birth Shauna Sand’s trout pout Jenny McCarthy – I use botox My face, my face, it doesn’t move. Madonna – [...]

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Michael Jackson's Missing Nose Found!

Michael Jackson’s missing nose has been found on the face of French actress Isabel Adjani. It looks good on her, doesn’t it? The chiclet teeth, overplumped upper lip, and nose job on Isabel Adjani are just a bit much. Too bad, she looked great before.

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What's New At

What’s New At Plenty of great stuff for you to laugh at hysterically! Saved By The Bell Star Mutilates Her Face With A Bad Eye Lift & Botox Omarosa’s Breast Implants Just Got Uglier Guiliana’s Midlife Crisis Makeover Wildenstein like Playmate dumped live on tv Rick Springfield adopts the crypt [...]

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Latoya Jackson

Latoya Jackson must have used the same plastic surgeon as her brother, because before Michael died, they looked almost like twins. Same nose, eyes, and lips. I wonder if Michael’s favorite plastic surgeon, Dr Hoefflin, is responsible for the all their unique look. Guess who was dining with Latoya last night? Lisa Turtle from Saved [...]

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What's new at

What’s new at Hang on for a wild ride! Watch Angelina Jolie morph Audrina stuffs her porno breast impants into a nice dress Michael’s nose is missing Congrats on the new breasts, Anna Faris Rich wife spent money to look like Lil Kim – no lie! Heidi Fleiss – [...]

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Michael's nose is missing

Apparently, Michael Jackson’s prosthetic nose is missing. Once considered an urban legend, there are actually witnesses who saw his body in the coroner’s office saying the his face had no nose and in its place was a hole surrounded by bits of jagged cartilage. What happened to Michael’s nose? Did infection eat away his nose [...]

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Michael Jackson had at least 20 different plastic surgeries!

Michael Jackson had at least 20 different plastic surgeries according to one doctor who surmises that Jackson altered himself to ‘escape his sad childhood’. Among his surgeries were eye reshaping brow lift 6 rhinoplasty operations cheek implants cheek fat removal lips thin jaw implants multiple facelifts Discuss here.

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Plastic Surgeons Please Send Us Your Thoughts On Michael Jackson is looking for commentary from plastic surgeons on the different procedures performed on Michael Jackson as well as your thoughts on his mental suitability for getting procedures.  Please send an email to media *** a ** t @ and we’ll publish your comments and site link.

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Michael Jackson – the plastic surgery years

Michael Jackson died this week. The public will never forget his great songs and performances. They will also remember him as an odd fellow who changed dramatically over the years. First he had rhinoplasty. Then his lips became thinner. Next, his skin lightened, along with his chin changing shape. His nose kept changing shape and [...]

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R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson has died. He has frequently been mentioned on this site due to his numerous plastic surgeries. Reports say that he died of a heart attack and that when the paramedics came to get him, there were prescription bottles scattered everywhere. I have no doubt that given his many, many plastic surgeries that he [...]

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