Pete Burns Update

Pete Burns was out and about a few days ago. The old it boy seemed to have lost his spark. Last year, the 80s singer had his eyes slanted plus a minor facelift. He was also quoted as saying: ‘I also have regular peels and Botox. I’t something I’ll always do. People redecorate their homes [...]

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Pete Burns Get A New Makeover

Pete Burns is back with a new face, according to the Daily Mail. Pete admits to some sizzling new nips and tucks: My most recent overhaul was about a month ago. I had a minor facelift and my eyes slanted. People redecorate their homes every few years and I see this as no different. Changing [...]

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Is Jennifer Rush channeling Pete Burns?

Plastic surgery makes celebrities look alike. Take UK singer, Jennifer Rush, who has had a variety of procedures and now looks like 80s singer, Pete Burns. Here is a picture of Jennifer from the 80s. I don’t think she has one original feature left. I see rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, a facelift, a little botox, and [...]

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Pete Burns scaring people everywhere

80s singer Pete Burns won his medical malpractice lawsuit against the doctor who injected his lips with collagen. It seems he spent the winnings on cheek implants. Not a good idea at all.

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Poster child for awful plastic surgery caught in sex tape scandal

In one of the most bizarre celebrity tape scandals ever, Pete Burns (yes, he is the scary overly surgeried face – lips, cheek implants, face lift, and who knows what else) has uploaded a naughty video of himself and his ex-boyfriend. This boyfriend is the same one that supported him a few years ago, when [...]

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Celebrity Plastic Surgery Video – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Here’s a hilarious celebrity plastic surgery video featuring David Gest, Pete Burns, Donatella Versace, Courtney Love, and more.

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Pete Burns Cosmetic Surgery Nightmares

Dead or Alive singer, Pete Burns, is the narrator of a British documentary on Cosmetic Surgery Nightmares. As you may have heard, Pete Burns is suing a plastic surgeon he claims maimed him. Pete also developed granulomas in his lips after too many lip collagen. In the documentary, Pete will show photos of the granulomas [...]

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Pete Burns

Did you know that Pete Burns from ‘Dead or Alive‘ was married to a female? I guess his wife’s job is to help him apply his makeup with a trowel. Pete has gone wild with plastic surgery and now looks like a new It, ooops, I mean man. He’s had excessive lip collagen, jumbo cheek [...]

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