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Dr. Youn’s Top 9 Plastic Surgery Predictions for 2009

Dr. Youn is a skilled plastic surgeon from the midwest. You may have seen him on an E! TV Network special about plastic surgery. He has sent us his Top 9 Plastic Surgery Predictions for 2009. Visit his site at http://www.dryoun.com/

#9: Plastic surgery vacations will become more and more popular.
#8: Fat, from both animals and people, will become a new Green energy resource.
#7: Sculptra will gain FDA approval as a liquid facelift for the general population.
#6: 2009 will bring with it a plethora of new extreme, bizarre, and unusual plastic surgeries.
#5: Will Gummy Bear implants boost busts in 2009?
#4: Nonsurgical liposuction techniques run rampant…as do disappointing results.
#3: Eyelash enhancing medication “Latisse” hits big in a blink.
#2: Stem cells are the future in the U.S., but the present in other countries.

and #1: Botox-competitor Reloxin will act as an economic bailout for millions of Botox users in 2009.