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Reality Housewife Lynn Curtin is 52

Lynne Curtin is featured on a reality show called Real Wives of Orange County. She is a Southern California housewife dedicated to not aging and while her daughters are allowed to drink underage and have no direction after graduating high school, she does object to them eating chocolate, because they,”won’t fit into their clothes”.

Lynne has not revealed her age on the show, but I believe she is 52 (according to various publicly available records). She is super slim and fit, but her face looks wizened (not just from sun damage). Most women her age need some bodyfat in order to have a full face. Some blogs are calling her ‘Steven Tyler’s sister’, which while harsh, is basically right on the money.

Lynne has a great body, but has totally neglected her face.

Why doesn’t her top lip move?

If you watch Bravo TV’s ‘Real Housewives of Orange County‘, you are no doubt familiar with one of the ‘real housewives’ named Lori. Many people wonder if she used to have a cleft palate or if she’s had too much botox, because her upper lip doesn’t move. Another thought is that perhaps she’s had too much Restalyne injected into her upper lip ( to plump it up) and somehow it has paralyzed the lip. Take a look at her photo and you decide.