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Jason Lewis looks like a Chuckie Doll


I happened upon this recent photo of actor Jason Lewis (Samantha’s much younger boyfriend on Sex and the City). He is starting to look like a Chuckie doll (remember that scary movie?). His eye tilt upward very oddly, his cheeks look suspiciously plump (smuggling chesnuts, Jason?). and his skin looks stretched to the bursting point. He looks strange. I can’t figure out what he did to his face. Perhaps some sort of light face lift with botox? Whatever it was, he should have stayed home until things settled.

It’s Chris and Sarah by a nose!

Sex and the City
castmates, Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth, both have something in common. Both have had rhinoplasty. Sarah has had her bridge worked on and her profile is different.

sarah jessica parker nose comparison

Chris also has a smaller bridge (notice how his nostrils are now a different shape as a result); he should have left his nose alone, the old look was much more handsome. Small noses are for women or trannies. He should have had the eye bags done.

Chris Noth nose job comparison