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Meet Suzanne Somers’ New Face

Stunner Suzanne Somers unveiled her new face the other week in Canada while appearing on The Marilyn Denis Show. Mike Strobel of the Toronto Sun wrote,’Ms. Somers — star of Three’s Company, ThighMaster, and baby boomers’ wet dreams — looks like a salami’.

Experts believe that her new look is from a stem cell face lift. This procedure takes fat and regenerative stem cells from the flabby parts of the body and injects them to fill out the patient’s face.

Dr Marc Mani gave his verdict on Somer’s refreshed look.

“It kind of gives her that doughy appearance and the problem with the fat injection is that it separates the skin from the muscles, so it really can start to look unnatural.”

Suzanne Somers
Suzanne Somers

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