Tom Cruise's Chest Grosses People Out

Tom Cruise’s chest grosses out people on . ‘Ew’ is the reaction almost unanimously from readers.  His chest has weird gouges all over that look like liposuction scars. His studio will not be happy with the high retouching bill. Here’s a smattering of reactions to Tom’s shirtless picture: Tom is so vain he can’t [...]

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Tara Reid and Heidi Montag lampooned in comedy podcast

Tara Reid, Tori Spelling, and Heidi Montag have worked their way into a comedy podcast by famed Orange County plastic surgeon Dr John Di Saia MD. Here, he pokes fun of Heidi Montag. And, here, Tori and Tara, take a beating.

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Tara Reid is not perfect

Tara Reid insists on prancing around in a bikini even though her naughty bits look aged beyond her years. Today, Tara took an opportunity to speak with People magazine online about the blitzing she has taken from celebrity blogs over her plastic surgery fiasco and also took the opportunity to plug her clothing line which [...]

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Tara Reid has loose skin like a sharpei dog

Tara Reid has loose skin on her stomach, buttocks, and legs (it reminds me of the dog breed with loose skin, called sharpei). Why is the skin loose? Too much aggressive liposuction can remove underlying fat leading to skin that sags. Also, loose skin is a sign of aging. Older skin loses its elasticity very [...]

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Just when you thought Tara Reid couldn't look worse

Just when you thought Tara Reid couldn’t look worse, she shocks us all and hits a new low, with breasts that look saggier than your grandmother’s. Congrats, Tara! Her weight loss after getting her breast implants has caused her skin to sag all over her body, hence her chest looks worse than ever, sort of [...]

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Does Tara Reid Have Chiclet Teeth

Does Tara Reid have chiclet teeth? She showed up at the opening of an Ed Hardy store flashing some bright white teeth that just do not look real. She has always had a nice smile, but now that she has allowed the camera very close, her teeth can be examined up close. To me, they [...]

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Why is Tara Reid's stomach so scary?

Why is Tara Reid’s stomach so scary? Here are the rumors circulating online 1. The skin on her stomach was burned during a botched liposuction and after healing, now has a saggy, Freddy Krugeresque texture. 2. Tara lost weight, which caused her stomach skin to sag badly. 3. A combination of the above.

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Tara Reid's stomach

I swear I did not photoshop this picture of Tara Reid on the beach. Her stomach really does look like rubber when it is in motion. Why is the skin on her stomach so very loose? Could it be liposuction that was botched? Maybe a tummy tuck would correct the problem.

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Britney Looks More Hideous Than You Think

Scary Lipo Scars In The AFter Photo Just when you thought that Britney Spears could not become anymore vile looking, she has to lift up her top and show off what looks like lipo suction scarring on her out of shape belly. It looks like she went to the same doctor as Tara Reid. Granted, [...]

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Tara Reid Gets Fixed

Tara Reid has been hitting the media world hard about how she’s gotten her botched breast augmentation and lumpy lipo fixed, but where are the after photos? I heard that her surgery was in August, so its time for some post surgery photos. I do feel sorry for Tara Reid, but the only reason people [...]

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