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By Popular Demand, The Jackson Family

Michael Jackson’s recent legal troubles have also brought out his family who go to court with him daily for more support. Older sister Latoya has been a regular and her latest new nose job is appalling.

latoya jackson nose

The first photo is not Latoya’s original nose (I couldn’t find a photo of her as a teenager.), it was taken after her first rhinoplasty. As you can see, she went back for another after the original surgery. And finally, scariest of all, she had a third rhinoplasty, where she had her carved into a strange triangle shape. Who is going to think that is her real nose? What was her doctor thinking when he created that? If you’ve ever wanted proof that people will doing anything for money, just look at Latoya’s third rhinoplasty.

Does Latoya want to look more like Michael, her brother? Or is she addicted to plastic surgery, like him? Whatever it is, her ‘transformation’ is almost complete.

michael and latoya jackson

michael and latoya jackson

Youngest sister, Janet Jackson, also has a weird looking nose.

janet jackson nose