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Tina Louise has gone overboard

Tina Louise played sexpot Ginger on Gilligan’s Island about 40 years ago. She tries to look as if she has not aged a day since, but it is not working at all. After so many surgeries to tighten, lift, peel, and hold back aging skin, Tina kinds looks like a burn victim. Her birth date is 1930-something and she definitely looks every day of it. When you’re 70, you can’t tighten your way back to 35; it is just not possible and very damaging when attempted.

tina louise

Ginger Isn’t Sexy Anymore

Actress Tina Louise is best known to the public as sexy red head Ginger on ‘Gilligan’s Island‘. Well, unfortunately, she isn’t so sexy anymore; she’s a senior citizen desperately clinging on to the remnants of her long departed youth. In pursuit of the hopeless quest of finding the fountain of youth, she’s mutilated her face. See the photos below. She’s had numerous face lifts, her skin is so tightly stretched that it has a permanent shine. She’s also had all her buccal fat in her cheeks removed, her jaw line is much slimmer now.

tina louise so sexy

Here’s a more detailed time line of Tina’s decent into plastic surgery hell. In the first photo, you can tell she’s already had a nose job (60’s nose jobs were not that great). The second photo is from the mid to late 70s, she’s obviously had her nose worked on again and not in a good way, because her nostrils are permanently flared in repose. The last photo is from the last two to three years and Tina is sporting a totally new look. Her nose has been worked on some more (the flaring is gone), the face is much slimmer, and her skin is tightened and chemically peeled to within an inch of its life! She has fewer lines in the third picture than she does in the second and the third photo is 20 years older than the second.