Tara Reid, Tori Spelling, and Heidi Montag have worked their way into a comedy podcast by famed Orange County plastic surgeon Dr John Di Saia MD. Here, he pokes fun of Heidi Montag. And, here, Tori and Tara, take a beating.

Tori Spelling hopped in the pool yesterday with her daughter and some large floatational devices – her breasts. She is a very thin woman and her implants are simply gaudy. Normally, small women get implants under the muscle to avoid the ‘fake breasts’ look. Tori’s implants look like they are above the muscle. I hope [...]

Tori does it again

Buxom beauty Tori Spelling does it again and shows off her concave chest deformity. Interestingly, this problem can be fixed by a surgeon, but apparently Tori has not explored this option. She got her first set of implants during season 2 of the original Beverly Hills 90210 and the deformity was much less prominent. [...]

Tori Spelling’s Strange Looking Chest

Tori Spelling has had an odd looking concave dimple in her chest for years. Rumor states the cause as a botched breast augmentation. Earlier, this year, Tori admitted that she did have plastic surgery on her chest.
I first remember her chest looking larger in 1994 on the tv series 90210. In fact, in the season [...]

Tori Spelling

According to insiders, Tori Spelling has had two boob job surgeries, but her breasts still look fake. Also, lady still looks like a dude.