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Traci Bingham won’t stop stuffing her upper lip

Traci Bingham is a former Baywatch ‘actress’, who has become a staple on the reality tv circuit. Currently, she is on a reality show where people pitch ideas for their own individual reality program. What does that mean? She very likely turns the volume up on her plastic surgery routine. Take a look at her upper lip! It is huge. She’s also showing off her chest, which looks even more silicone filled than usual. Do her breasts move? Not likely. They are bolted on.

Traci Bingham Goes Overboard


Traci Bingham looks way overdone these days. Three years ago, she appeared to be in the process of refining her look. Her makeup was less ‘bimbo’ and she had an elegant updo. Now, it 2008, she seems to have gone in a wilder direction. It looks like she has a new set of larger breast implants and her lips appear huge! Especially the top lip, which is enlarger, the cupid’s bow is almost non-existant (that is a sign of too much lip collagen).