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But I want huge implants – yup, the Tori Spelling story

Tori Spelling hopped in the pool yesterday with her daughter and some large floatational devices – her breasts. She is a very thin woman and her implants are simply gaudy. Normally, small women get implants under the muscle to avoid the ‘fake breasts’ look. Tori’s implants look like they are above the muscle. I hope [...]

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Jordan's breasts look ridiculous

Jordan’s breast implants look horrid in normal clothing. They definitely appear fake and bolted on. If you think that is bad, check out her nipples!

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Tori does it again

Buxom beauty Tori Spelling does it again and shows off her concave chest deformity. Interestingly, this problem can be fixed by a surgeon, but apparently Tori has not explored this option. She got her first set of implants during season 2 of the original Beverly Hills 90210 and the deformity was much less prominent. I [...]

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Did she buy them at Walmart?

Did she buy them at Walmart? I am not impressed with the breast implants of Miss California – USA Carrie Prejean. They look like the requisite stripper bolted on orange halve breasts. Not a good look when you are competing in a national beauty pageant, but a great look for amateur night at your local [...]

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Sharon Stone gets nailed

The Superficial described super cranky actress Sharon Stone in a recent article as having, ‘Dolly Parton on meth’ and goes on to say: She’s always denied having implants, but when you drop this much weight and your chest looks bolted on for dear life, there’s no hiding it. I’ve thought that her breasts looked fake [...]

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Kelly Bensimon's breasts horrify the web

Kelly Bensimon is the most hated housewife on ‘Real Housewives of New York‘; on the show, she alternates between acting high on drugs, vapid, or just plain childish. Kelly clearly thinks she’s the hottest chick on the show. Well, some photos of her scary cleavage showed up today on the web, so I think her [...]

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Bethenny Frankel has some ugly breast implants

Bethenny Frankel, another Bravo reality tv ‘star’, has hideous breast implants. Her breasts do not even look remotely realistic and look bolted on. She got enormous implants that do not suit her (unless she decides to go for that porn career to get more attention). Check out the ripples they cause on her chest. A [...]

March 13, 2009 · webmistress · 3,652 Comments
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Pamela Anderson has stripper boobs

Pamela Anderson was once a cute girl from rural Canada. After moving to the US and falling into the clutches of the entertainment industry, she began her transformation with breast implants. Now, it seems she has opted for the huge stripper sized implants, that have no natural hang. Perhaps it is some sort of midlife [...]

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Why does Christina Aguilera look flatchested?

Why does Christina Aguilera (Burlesque) look flatchested? Back in 2006, she had large breasts that many suspected to be breast implants. Then, she had a baby and her breasts looked like mini boulders. Now, this month, she is as flat chested as she appeared in 1998 signing on a Disney soundtrack. What happened? Did she [...]

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Video Model With Ugly Breast Implants

Since, the 80s, music video models have trended towards the plastic type woman who seems to have paid for all sorts of body alterations with a coupon. Dollicia Bryan is no exception. She has shown off her bulging fake breasts in many music videos, plus the cover of the men’s magazine King. Her breasts look [...]

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